The One with Cobra CB radios

Yeah, you know the name Cobra– undoubtedly one of the best when it comes to CB radios.

I have decided to write about them in my first blog post as they deserve it.

They are one such great brand which always look for innovations and improvements. Though the CB industry is witnessing a slight down fall, Cobra has been making their best efforts to come up with some awesome CB radios. They improvise on their technology and existing products.

cb20radio202400x800One such example is the New Cobra 29LX from the brand. Here’s something I found about the CB while browsing online. A review of Cobra 29lx from CB Radio Guru has given me a great hindsight on what the product is all about. I must admit that, it is the best CB radio you can buy in 2018, unless some other brand comes up with a better one.

The legacy of Cobra doesn’t end with Cobra 29 LX, they have many other products at more or less performance range like the 29, 29 LTD, WXSTII etc. As the name suggests, the Cobra 29 AND Cobra 29 LTD are the variations of 29 LX itself. There are some features varying when you go from one product to the other. Most importantly, the build quality will be the same even if you go with the budget friendly option.

If you’re a normal person like I used to be when a decade ago, the product you should go after is 19DXIV from Cobra. This CB radio is designed for all type of users, may you’re an amateur or an expert. But remember, this is for normal usages.

I will never recommend Cobra 19DXIV to any commercial truck drivers.

29lxmax_0That’s it!

Let me wrap up this small article on Cobra CB Radios. If you’re new to the world of CB radios, I will always insist you to try products from this great brand. They produce the best and are the best!